Duende Farm

Duende Farm

Duende Farm is located in the Fraser Valley of British Columbia in Maple Ridge.  The farm has been restored over the last 20 years from an industrial mink farm to its natural setting.

We selected the name "Duende" after a trip to Spain.  Duende is defined broadly as those special moments that are undefinable - the flight of a butterfly, a newborn lamb with its mother, the flash of a smile that captivates, a dew drop on a flower.

Along with our commitment to organic farming, we have restored much of the land to its natural state.  We farm approximately half of the 17 acres, with approximately 8 acres devoted to a natural border of native plants and trees, including a wonderful section of very old second growth and old growth trees - some of which are over 4 feet in diameter.

Enjoy these pictures of our farm, animals and wonderful setting.

Our "farm house" and sheep pastures.
Other garden produce in August.
A newborn visits our kitchen!
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