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We will be posting available quantities of seed garlic on August 6.

Duende Porcelain Seed Garlic

Duende Porcelain Seed Garlic
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Although the origin is not precisely known, this porcelain garlic has become one of our favorites and one of our top producers for the west coast climate.

It is a great west coast producer with very large bulbs; slightly milder but still zesty. Some prefer this for Caesar salads and other recipes requiring raw garlic. 

This is a favorite at farmer's markets due to its large size and large cloves.Great for roasting.

Duende Porcelain
Bulb size (typical) 2-3 inches
Cloves per bulb 6 typical, smaller bulbs often have 4
Inventory 800

Garlic for Consumption

Garlic for Consumption
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We have a large quantity of Red Russian and Porcelain bulbs between 1.5 and 3 inches that are great for everyday eating. We sell these by the pound.

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