We are taking pictures and providing the following image gallery to show garlic in the various stages of growth.  Images will be added throughout the 2008-2009 growing season as they become available.


Planting occurs from mid September to the end of October depending on weather. This year we completed planting by mid October. Image shows raised beds with cloves planted 1-2 inches below the surface.

Growth at 4 Weeks

This is a picture of some of the cloves that we dug up 4 weeks after planting - around the middle of November. The root system was well established in the first 4 weeks with roots up to 3-4 inches in length.

Growth at 6 Weeks

We continue to see a large increase in growth compared to 4 weeks, with the root systems developed up to 4-5 inches. Note the green shoot that somehow knows to stay underground until spring approaches.

A Gusto Russian Red on April 1

At six months from planting, this Russian Red is developing nicely and has already reached a height of about 6 inches. Note the slight yellowing on the tips. Our soil was tested low in nitrogen and we added an organic fish fertilizer (5-0-0) shortly after this picture was taken. Note the next photo that shows the result of improving the nitrogen level.

Russian Red on April 20

If the conditions are right, garlic can grow over half an inch per day. This plant is almost three times the size the one in the previous photo after 10 days of sunny warm April weather.
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