CSA Benefits

The benefits to you
CSA allows city residents to have direct access to the highest quality, fresh produce, grown locally by regional farmers. It also gives you the opportunity to try unique varieties that cannot be found in conventional grocery stores. The produce is grown organically (no pesticides, harsh chemicals or GMO’s), picked at peak freshness and delivered within 24 hours so you receive the most nutritious and flavorful veggies available. We can guarantee you will love the taste of our veggies compared to conventional grocery varieties! Plus, farm fresh veggies will provide more nutrients to your body too!
Benefits to the Farmer 
The advantages of the CSA model for the farm is; it allows the farmer to budget with greater precision. The farmer can plan production based on the sales. Once we have the number of customers in place, we can plan the contents of each harvest box and plant accordingly. The advantage of consumers paying for the entire share upfront enables the farm to plan for the season, purchase new seed, and make equipment repairs etc. when costs are high.  We also get to connect with and feed our community good food!
Benefits overall
CSA builds loyalty, but also a tangible relationship between the grower and consumer, giving you direct access to where your food is grown. You can visit the farm anytime and see what goes on. CSA builds community, supports local food production, keeps dollars in the local economy, decreases pollution and emissions to the planet, saves you money, and contributes to food security just to name a few! It’s one of the best ways to access the most nutritious, high quality, peak fresh produce from growers who care about the land and the food they grow. It’s also really fun to eat with the seasons, try new foods, learn fun facts about veggies and try new recipes!
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