Porcelain Garlic Benefits
We have chosen Porcelain Garlic for a number of reasons.  Over the past 20 years we have grown over 20 varieties of garlic to select the variety that grows best in our climate and soil conditions as well as a variety with great taste.  Here are some of the reasons we have selected Porcelain Garlic:
  • Porcelain Garlic has great flavor equal to Red Russian Garlic.
  • Properly stored, Porcelain Garlic has a shelf life of up to 8 months.
  • If you start with large cloves for planting (seed garlic) along with good soil and nutrients you can expect bulbs up to 3" in diameter or greater. While size isn't everything, garlic is sold by the pound  and a 3" diameter bulb compared to a 1.5" diameter bulb will make a difference of 8 times in yield.
  • Russian Garlic bulbs often produce a single clove (similar to an onion) that is an unmarketable bulb.  We have seen up to to 5% of the Red Russian crop result in these unmarketable bulbs, whereas the Porcelain Garlic seldom exhibits this.
  • Porcelain bulbs routinely have 6 or more large cloves suitable for planting, whereas Russin bulbs have only 4-6 cloves of good planting size.  In other words, you need to save a larger portion of your Red Russian crop for replanting, and this reduces your profit.
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