Organic Seed Garlic - Fraser Valley, BC

The Home of Gusto Garlic

Gusto:  "An individual or special taste"

Our beautiful 17 acre farm; Duende Farm, is located in Maple Ridge on the original site of one of BC’s first farms in the Fraser Valley.  Our farming practices   adhere to organic standards, and our focus is to grow the best products we can while continuously improving  nutrient quality and caring for the land.

We specialize in growing garlic and our 2019 crop is the best ever with average bulb size over .2 lb or close to 3 inches in size. It is important to choose a garlic type that grows well in our climate, and of the 15 varieties that we have grown, our porcelain garlic is by far the best producer.  It is very close to Red Russian variety, but produces a higher yield.

 Our goal is to provide the best fresh garlic and seed garlic, and to help others learn to grow and enjoy this wonderful food.

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